5 Reasons Why Your Body Transformation FAILED!

The Complete Chest Workout – Beginners Edition

This exercise program is tailored specifically for people who are new to lifting and are unsure on how to get a big, chiselled chest. I will go through the specific exercises needed to cover all the parts of the pectorals and I will explain how many sets and reps you should be doing, as a beginner. Note that for each rep you should be doing 70 – 80% of your RM (Repetition Maximum). What this means is that if your maximum for one repetition is 100lbs then you will do 70 – 80lbs for the given rep and set range. Please follow the exercises in order that I place them.

Gain Six-Pack Abs and Lose Weight

Everyone wants to know the best ways to lose weight and gain the perfect six-pack abs, nobody likes the horrible looking muffin hanging around the stomach area, and I’m sure you’ll agree people will do anything to shift the spare tyre. However, six-pack abs will take time, do not rush into anything. Analyse your options, there are all sorts of programs out there, choose the best one that suits your needs.

The Best Foods That Build Muscle

Foods that build muscle are just as important as a workout. This is something that can help you to be more effective if your goal is to build muscle fast.

The Anatomy of The Squat

The squat is one of the basic compound movements. A compound movement involves more than one joint and the squat involves more joints than I can accurately count. Benefits of the squat are an increase in lower body musculature as well as anabolic hormones in your body such as growth hormone, IGF-1 and testosterone. The Squat also has a large carryover to many other sports making it one of the most important exercises for athletes.

How Much Protein Is Enough For Growth?

For years the accepted dogma was that 1g per lbs of body weight was the minimum protein intake an athlete or bodybuilder should consider in order to grow. This was idea was perpetuated by supplement companies saying that the more you train and the harder you train you should think about upping your protein intake to 1.5g/lbs or even 2g/lbs! How true is that though?

Make Your Own Weight Gainer

Most commercially available weight gainers are loaded with vegetable fat and high GI carbs. They make you gain weight but it’s mostly fat. I’ll show you how to make your own weight gainer that won’t make you fat.

Core Exercises For Men – The Key To Great Abs

Forget sit ups and crunches, and focus more on your body as a whole. Core exercises for men will progress your mission for abs dramatically.

Build Muscle and Burn Fat Faster Using Nutrition Timing

Nutrition timing is about how to get the maximum benefit from different types of foods to achieve peak performance and change your body composition (by building muscle or reducing body fat percentage). It will definitely help you to achieve your goals faster. Learn in this article how to build muscle or lose weight efficiently.

Pull-Ups, Chin-Ups, and the Raw Power They Build

Pull-ups (and chin-ups) are an exercise that every serious strength athlete needs to master. They build brute, raw, unadulterated strength in the upper body -the kind that you cannot get from lifting weights, and certainly not from working out on machines in the gym. This exercise is more than worth it’s weight in gold, but is unfortunately ignored these days by most people.

How to Build Muscle Fast Top Tips and Tricks

Without a doubt how to build muscle is a key question you ask yourself when you start a training regime. The answer is sort after by many different people including Bodybuilders, Health and fitness experts and anybody who would like to look good whilst keeping his or her body fat percentage low. The main way to develop muscle has been the modern resistance workout and has long been accepted as one of the essential methods to do this but there are many other variables to take into account.

Improving Your Ab Training Exercises

A lot of ab training exercises failed to help trainees define their abs. Until today, you may find yourself having a hard time getting your abs defined. Discover the ab training you may never do before and improve your core strengthening exercises. You will definitely get a better six-pack abs you have always imagined.

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