Balloon Method Lower Abs Workout For V-Lines In 15 Minutes

Get Muscle You Want

For skinny people building muscle is a challenge. Here is a brief introduction to what will assist your muscle building.

Bodybuilding Contest Preparation

When dieting for a bodybuilding contest or a similar event, one of the hardest issues to get the mind around is the concept of losing body fat. This reduces overall body mass and psychologically this can look like losing size to the untrained eye, when your shirts are not so tight on you anymore and your face starts to look drawn and sunken in – the comments that are received are not always encouraging, like “you have lost a lot of weight” and “are you alright, you look ill.” I can remember…

Weight Lifting Diet – Eat Right, Get Huge, Period

If the question is asked – what do you need in your diet to gain muscle and at the same time, lose fat, then the answer is almost always the same. Protein! The fact is that protein consumption can add muscle bulk.

Weight Lifting Diet For the Hard-Gainer

You may be thin. You may be tall and thin, and you may very well burn calories very quickly. If that’s the case, then any calories you consume quickly get “torched” by your more than eager metabolism, which in turn means that gaining weight is a heck of a struggle.

Why You Should Consider Buying HGH Supplements To Build Muscle Quicker

Just about every male wants to build muscle quicker. We want to have bigger biceps, stronger arms, stronger legs, and just about everything in between. If there is a magic pill that can help us build our muscle quicker, we’re usually interested.

Bodybuilding and You

I usually write informational articles, but today I am feeling a little different. I want to write about motivation or drive what ever you want to call it.

Home Gym Workouts: How to Avoid Injury

There’s no doubt that a good home gym workout can help to improve your general health, enhance your immunity and keep you alert. However, weight training can bring unpleasant things such as trauma if done carelessly. To avoid injury – and a training set-back – you need to observe some basic safety rules:

How Muscle-Building Exercises Can Benefit Your Body

As they age, people’s muscle tissue diminishes by about 3-4 pounds every ten years. If the person is desk-bound, over the same ten years he will gain as many pounds of fat. The top way to prevent these unwanted processes is regular workout sessions with the “irons.” Why?

A Rarely Used Strength Secret

There is a better way of building overall body strength that will transfer to all athletic sports and everyday life. It’s an exercise that our bodies are made for. You don’t need a lot of weight for a total over all body workout.

Get Killer Abs and Look Awesome This Summer

Summer is almost here, and you’re looking for ways to get those killer abs. There are just two steps that you will need take.

How Long Should My Workout Be?

How long should I work out for? It is common to see people lifting for hours on end. Work harder, get better gains… right? Wrong. The optimal time for working out is between 40-60 minutes.

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