BIGGER BICEP PEAKS! 3 Exercises You Must Try With Charles Glass!

Workout Programs For Men

The workout programs for men outlined here provide the quickest result. Routines for chest and legs included!

The “Myth” of Spot Reduction!

Contrary to popular belief you can’t “spot” reduce fat from a part of your body. When you lose weight, you lose it from all over your body because you reduce the fat cells throughout your system. Working out, with weights or against any kind of resistance will help you to tone up and firm certain areas, as will any aerobic based workout in conjunction with a specifically planned workout programme that works in tandem with a calorie worked out eating plan.

What’s the Best Bulking Diet Plan?

Is there such thing as the “best” bulking diet plan? Learn how to build muscle and gain weight fast with the best available option.

Is Sleep for Workout Enthusiasts Overrated?

You have probably always heard that sleep is important. Find out the truth about sleep in relation to fitness and building a healthy body.

Best Supplements To Build Muscle

Top 5 supplements that you NEED to take. I show you the most accredited supplements in the industry!

What Is Testosterone, and What Does It Do?

In men, testosterone is key for the development of primary and secondary sexual characteristics. It is related to common features associated with puberty such as increases in muscle and body hair and the voice becoming deeper. But is also critical for general health, emotional well-being, osteoporosis prevention and regulation of intellectual and physical energy.

Natural Hunger: The Health Connection

In gaining muscle weight, the mainstream advice is to stuff one’s self continuously. In my own personal experience, I have found that using natural hunger as a guide, enabled me to digest food better and make more significant strength and weight gains.

Analyzing Calorie Intake In Your Diet To Start Building Muscle Or Losing Fat

A very important step in the processes of both building muscle and losing fat is analyzing your existing diet to see what nutrition changes that you have to make to confirm to the requirements of fat loss and muscle building. The truth is this, most people will need to make some sort of changes to their existing diet as part of their fat loss or muscle building program requirements. Even if you think that your diet is already healthy, it may still fall short of certain nutrition requirements for muscle gains and fat loss.

Why Muscle Building Is Important For Everyone

Upon hearing the phrase muscle building, most people would quickly visualize huge muscular bodybuilders in gyms lifting extremely heavy weights. For this reason lots of people believe that lifting weights is something to do only when you want to become big and muscular. However, this is a misperception that people understandably have due to lack of knowledge about muscle building and it’s overall benefit on the human body.

Meet the Biggest 3 Bodybuilding Mistakes and Their Solution

The biggest 3 bodybuilding mistakes that you’re making right now which are preventing you from building the perfect body.. and also see the solution that will work for you. How long have you been working in the gym to get the body you dream of and it’s not working out for you?

Building Muscle Mass Definition While Losing Body Fat

One difficult to achieve goal for many body builders is how to most effectively reduce body fat while not losing muscle mass or definition. There are many conflicting ideas about the best way to accomplish this. Some body builders accept that massive attention to diet is a necessary evil, and are willing to lose a bit of muscle if they can significantly reduce their body fat percentage.

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