HOT CRAZY FITNESS MATRIX (Man’s Guide To Dating Gym Girls)

Great Bodybuilding Tips For Skinny Guys

These are a few bodybuilding principles to keep you on track to fat loss. Follow these principles to choose which food to eat or to avoid.

Building Muscle – A Plan For Skinny Guys to Pack on Muscle

Body type, courtesy of genetics, can wreak havoc on your muscle building efforts, particularly if you are a skinny guy. Genetics alone do not dictate that you cannot gain muscle it just means you have to work harder to get those big guns than the average heavyweight you might see traipsing around the gym. Somatotype, the concept of human physique, coined in the 1940s by psychologist Dr William Sheldon, categorizes three main types of muscle gainer: the endomorph, ectomorph and mesomorph.

A Weaklings Guide to Build Muscle – What Whole Foods Are Best to Eat to Build Muscle?

Approximately 70 percent of your total muscle is made up of water. The remainder of muscle is supported by essential micronutrients – protein, carbohydrates and fat – in the diet. A balanced diet with whole foods along with regular exercise is particularly important for muscle health.

Building Muscle – How to Get Bigger Calves

The calves are one of the hardest muscle groups to bulk up. Some people are genetically blessed with large calves. This does not mean that you cannot build big calves, but you have follow the right program.

Top 5 Home Abs Workouts For Men

For men who are involved in body building and physical fitness having great abs is absolutely necessary. It is an achievement specially because to have great abs is not as easy as you think. It requires discipline, a lot workouts and commitment.

Building Muscle – How to Get Broader Shoulders

Broad shoulders fill out clothes well and make your waist appear smaller. The secret to getting broad shoulders is to work every part of the shoulder. This includes the anterior deltoids, medial deltoids and posterior deltoids, which mean the front, side and rear respectively.

How Can Women Build Muscle?

There are many women these days that are looking to answer the question, how can women build muscle easily? The truth is that building muscles for women is not as difficult as it seems.

Yes You Can Gain Muscle If You Cannot Squat – This Is How

While it is true that squats are a wonderful exercise that has added pounds of muscle to countless bodybuilders over the years, some people simply cannot squat. If this is you, read on to find out some good alternatives to squats that will get your legs growing again.

Embracing the Journey to Getting Results

What is it about getting results that takes us out of the present? The whole notion of not being attached to results is a very difficult point to achieve and it’s very difficult to not be attached to results because when you’re working hard on something, you want a certain outcome. I think when you’re so focused on where you want to go, that you miss out on the present, and when you’re not fully present, you aren’t going to have as good as an outcome as if you were in the moment.

Avoiding Common Mistakes When Developing A No Nonsense Muscle Building Plan

Trying to put a simple no nonsense muscle building plan together? Avoid these common mistakes preventing you from gaining lean muscle mass.

What Is the Zercher Squat?

There are some people who prefer the Zercher Squat over the Barbell Back Squat. Not surprisingly, there are people who question this preference. There are people who are wondering why it is better than other squats? But what is the Zercher Squat? Is it really better? That is debatable. However, it is sometimes preferred by people who are into wrestling. This is perfect for people who are into submission wrestling.

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