How I Added 100+ lbs to My Squat, Bench & Deadlift FAST

Muscle Building Nutrition – Consume Only The Best Proteins

There’s little question in anyone’s mind that nutrition is a very important part of the body building or muscle building process. Nutrition alone can lead to the success or the failure of your muscle building.

Know How To Effectively Gain Mass and Lift More

Building muscles involves use of various methods and you need to be aware of these methods to get the desired results. In this article we will look at different things that you need to have knowledge of before beginning exercises and the techniques which can help you in increasing your body mass.

How To Go From Skinny Joe To Muscle Jock

Being a hard gainer is tough but you can supersize you physique if you follow these simple steps. It’s even easier for you guys to look great in a short space of time!

Bench Pressing Tips For A Larger Chest

Learn how to bench press both safely and with proper form. Use these tips to build your chest, lift more weight, and avoid shoulder injuries!

How to Buy a Rowing Machine

A rowing machine is arguably the best full-body workout machine you should have in your home today. Anyone can use it and it offers a great low-impact cardiovascular workout so you won’t be placing any unnecessary stress on your joints. And with the constant pulling and pushing done while rowing, you’ll build and define muscles in your upper and lower body. Figuring out that buying a rowing machine because of the multitude of benefits it will provide you is the easy part. Trying to narrow down which one to get out of the dozens available on the market today is the difficult part. To make things much easier for you, I’ll go over the key steps you should follow that will show you how to buy a rowing machine.

Get Fit With Hindu Pushups – The Best Bodyweight Shoulder Exercise

Hindu pushups and Hindu squats are some of the most effective bodyweight exercises around. This article takes a close look at how to do Hindu pushups to build muscle.

3 Day Full Body Workout Vs 5 Day Split Routine

So what is better… a 3 day full body workout or a 5 day split routine? Every workout routine has its pros and cons, so let’s get right into it.

Bodybuilding Cheat Meal

Ahh yes. The dreaded cheat meal. Something so basic, yet so controversial.

Amount Of Protein Per Day To Build Muscle

So not too long ago I was talking with a friend on the phone. Something that was brought to my attention was…

Calories To Build Muscle – Defining Bulking Up

There will come a time in point when just about every lifter realizes that they want to build some serious amount of muscle… for what ever reason that is. A challenge with that is determining the amount of calories to build muscle. When I first started, I just didn’t want to be skinny anymore, I wanted to have that feeling of living with a powerful muscular body, and I wanted the chicks to be goin’ bonkers over my my hard earned muscle. And believe me they sure did.

Workout Duration – THIS Is What It Needs To Be (Sprint Mentality)

Back when I first started training, I remember picking out a routine from a magazine called “Winter Blast”. It looked all shiny and sexy, but little did I know that the workout duration of most splits were over 2 hours long. I also remember one chest day going for 3 hours.

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