How To Build Muscle WITHOUT Lifting Heavier (5 Science-Based Hacks)

Momentum: The Workout Killer

If you’re cheating on your workout form, you’re only cheating yourself! See how using your body to generate momentum during a lift can hinder your results.

How To Gain Weight And Muscle Through Training

What does your ideal body look like? Take a moment to really picture it. Got it? Now, how does that image stack up to your current reality? For most of us, there is a big difference between “ideal body” and “current body”.

Building Muscle Tips: Preventing Muscle Fatigue

Anyone who has performed a vigorous and strenuous workout for building muscles is sure to have experienced muscle fatigue. Muscle fatigue is characterized by complete exhaustion, with the muscles and limb feeling weak, limp and utterly drained of energy. Sadly, however, muscle fatigue has detrimental effects especially if your goal is to build bulkier, stronger muscles.

How To Tell If Someone Uses Steroids

Many of the online muscle-building gurus claim they are natural and drug-free. But they’re lying. Here’s a simple test you can use to determine if someone is secretly using steroids.

Excellent Muscle Gaining Diet

If your goal is to put on as much mass as your genetics will allow, consider the following. First off, in order to gain muscle you may also need to gain some fat. This may sound discouraging but there are ways to keep the fat weight to a minimum.

Learn More About Bodybuilding Supplements

Adding the right bodybuilding supplements to any weight lifting regime will help a person to add muscle more quickly, and increase the effectiveness of the body building regime. Available supplements work by influencing hormones or by adding protein as a basic building-block for creating new muscle tissue.

Seven Great Tips to Gain Weight

Are you currently one of those individuals that have been lanky your entire life and practically nothing is effective for you to put on pounds? There are numerous methods you can employ to transform your body from a skinny one to the size you wish.

What Are The Benefits of Doing Weights to Increase Muscle Mass?

While aerobic exercise is ideal for people who are overweight, it may not be the best solution to maintain the desired weight long term. One hour of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise can burn about 300 calories and the same, if sufficiently severe, can raise your metabolism for hours after the activity. Unfortunately, this effect is caused on the metabolism of short duration and not particularly aerobic activities are characterized by increased muscular volume.

Building Muscle – Lean Muscle Fast

We have all been there before, hitting the gym 5-7 days a week, morning and night just trying to build muscle. But is this the best method? Let’s take a tour to see if vitamin supplements and protein shakes are the best source of protein to bulk up. Are protein powders just a gimmick or do they really help build muscle and size? Are protein bars really a healthy alternative when bulking up, or are they just another scam? Protein is vital to build muscle – I am going to give you a quick guide to why supplements can aid you to build that muscle fast.

What Does It Mean To Get Ripped For Real?

If you are here, you probably want to do something about your physical appearance. Maybe you want to reach that coveted state of “being ripped” – where your muscle details stand out in bold relief. Many people associate this state with body building or weight lifting, but with the current attention on physical fitness and appearance, the term has become part of the mainstream vernacular. I mean, who wouldn’t want to have a full set of six-pack abs? That clear separation of abdominal muscles is the trademark of all really physically fit people.

Reasons Why To Transform Your Garage Into A Crossfit Home Gym

If you have been trying to transform your body and the old workouts you are doing are not delivering the results you would expect, consider the benefits of doing Crossfit exercises. Crossfit exercises are extremely popular because they will get you into shape in a shorter period of time.

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