How To Get BIG ARMS FAST With Dumbbells (Sets & Reps!)

Requirements To Building Muscle Effectively

Building muscle isn’t tough, but it does require time, commitment, and some intelligence for most of us. Some people are naturally muscular, lean, and strong but that doesn’t describe me and it probably doesn’t describe you since you are reading this.

Best Gloves for Crossfit Pull Ups

A pull up is a pull up. Sure there’s lots of variations you can do to help focus the movement on different body parts but when it comes down to it the core movement is the same.

Suns Out, Guns Out: Effective Arm Exercises

Summer is right around the corner so you might as well show off your well developed arm muscles, right? You do have some biceps and triceps don’t you? If not do not worry though because with these arm exercise that are listed below, your arms will grow to never before seen size.

The Importance of Muscle Mass While Aging

From the time we are born until our mid- twenties, our bodies continue to grow and become stronger. But little do most people know, around age 25 we all start losing muscle through a process called sarcopenia. This loss of muscle mass can be attributed to many of the symptoms we relate to aging such as loss of balance and strength, loose skin, poor posture and inability to complete daily tasks.

The Importance of Amino Acid Compared to Other Body Building Supplements

There are many body building supplements to build our body. Amino acid is one of the most important supplements. It creates the protein which helps to build muscle. Day by day, amino acid is becoming more popular to the athletes, wrestlers and body builders.

The Avocado – What an Amazing Food

Who knew back in the early 80’s how great the Avocado is! We do today. The avocado not only tastes good but is great food to fuel a healthy and fit life. Today we know the benefits of great fats such as avocado’s, nuts & seeds, oils, and some dairy. You just cannot lose when you are adding great fats into your diet and ignoring the rest. Your health will improve along with your mental alertness.

Look More Muscular, Defined and Better With a Tan

There is a little secret known in the bodybuilding world and community, that most ordinary people have never heard of. That secret is tanning. A good tan on a bodybuilder will keep them from getting washed out from underneath the bright stage lights, and a good tan will make them appear more muscular and more defined. Tanning can either be achieved by tanning outside, using a tan parlor or by using artificial tan dyes, skin dyes or bronzers.

The Pin-Up Years

The mid-20th century was the time of pin-ups. You couldn’t imagine bedrooms of teenagers without posters of their favorite people, sportsperson, movie star, fashion model or political heavyweight. It was the time girls went gaga over the latest in hairstyles, make-up and cosmetics, clothes, accessories, dietary habits, lifestyles and the latest moves of their ‘heroes’ were all keenly followed and some even styled themselves on the lines of their ‘icons’.

Fitness Tests to See Where You Stand Health-Wise

There are a few fitness tests which can give us a pretty good idea of where we stand when it comes to overall health. The two tests we will describe here can be done at any time in nearly any place. In fact, when you are finished reading this masterpiece (that’s meant to be humorous) you can get up and try them out yourself.

The Two Rules for Getting Ripped Six-Pack Abs

Achieving your goals when it comes to building 6 pack abs or losing that UN-wanted belly fat does not have to be difficult. With the proper diet and exercise you can lose the belly fat and get those 6 pack abs you are looking for. There are many 6 pack abs programs, 6 pack abs for women and men are available everywhere. The problem is some are not healthy. You want to find a program that is all natural and safe. A program where you can take it at your own pace.

Free Weights Vs Machines – Which Is Better?

During the evolution of bodybuilding mankind has seen a technological advance in bodybuilding machines. Nowadays machines are designed and manufactured better then ever. However one may ask which is better. That answer will be found in the conclusion section of this article, but first lets get started with the pros and cons between the two!

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