How to Lose Fat AND Gain Muscle at the Same Time (3 Simple Steps)

Top 5 Six Pack Building Shortcuts

Summer is nearby and you are hoping to be in great shape for the holidays. There’s nothing more gratifying than scores of people staring at you on the beach. It also translates to inner confidence and satisfaction as all your hard work finally shows some results. So how do you get a ripped set of 6 pack abs in time for the holidays?

Bigger Buttocks Exercises That Are Sure To Give You A Rounder And Enlarged Butt

Bigger buttocks exercises are now front and center because of society’s new fascination for fuller, firmer and rounder buttocks ala Jennifer Lopez. But before you undertake any butt enhancement workout program, we suggest brushing up on a few facts about the buttocks. This way, you can choose the best exercises as well as the best products to attain a bigger butt hopefully in the tradition of Beyonce, Shakira and Kim Kardashian.

A Few Tips On How To Build Muscle Fast

Are you looking for tips on how to build muscle fast? Well, it can be done. The secret lies in engaging in regular exercises and eating a well-balanced diet. By diet, we don’t mean the ancient food pyramid that has deservedly received a whipping from a good number nutritionists and interest groups.

Top Muscle Building Workouts – Advanced German Volume Training

I am excited today because I am going to show you my favourite and top muscle building workouts. These workouts are based on one of the best workouts of all time – German Volume Training, or also known as the 10 sets method.

Why You Should Be Careful With Upright Barbell Rows

Upright Barbell Rows can build great shoulders but they need to be done with precaution. Using too much weight, doing them too fast or using an improper grip can lead to injury.

Arnold Presses For Your Shoulders

Unlike other shoulder press exercises, the Arnold Press helps to prevent shoulder injuries by avoiding excessive shoulder friction by starting the press with arms out the front of your body. Starting with the dumbbells held out in front and facing you, you then raise them above your head while rotating your hands 180 degrees. You can also choose between sitting and standing.

Bench Press – Proper Mechanics

The bench press is the most popular exercise in the gym. It is a display of strength brought upon by your pushing muscles (chest, anterior delts, triceps) and when performed properly, is a beneficial exercise. This article explains how you should perform a bench press, and why.

The Real Truth About Getting Six Pack Abs

Getting six pack abs is, if you believe all the hype, pretty easy to achieve. This article looks at the real truth about why many people fail in their quest for the perfectly sculpted six pack and what factor is considerably more important than any exercise when it comes to successfully building muscle.

Weight Lifting Tips For Wrestlers

Get tips about sports appropriate muscle strengthening and endurance increasing weightlifting tips for wrestlers. Read for explanatory details about best weightlifting techniques.

Big Weights: The Secret to Big Muscle Gains?

With well-worn phrases such as “no pain, no gain” to “eat big to get big,” there is no shortage of one-liners used to describe the world of weight lifting and bodybuilding. However, it seems at times that these phrases are nothing more than catchy ways of expressing ideas that don’t actually hold true when put under the microscope. Of course, one-liners aren’t the only pieces of advice repeated throughout the bodybuilding community. Another popular sentiment is that you have to lift big weights to get big muscle gains. Is this true? Unfortunately, the answer is a bit more complicated than a simple yes or no…..

Hammer Curls For Beginners

Hammer curls are a great ergonomic exercise. They will build both your biceps and forearm muscles without stressing your joints. You can use either dumbbells or a triceps bar when doing these curls. If you use dumbbells, you also have the option of doing them using an alternate curling style or both arms at once. Either way, you’ll build great arms.

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