How to Perform Your Reps For FASTER Growth (LIFT LIKE THIS!)

Home Workout DVDS – Reasons Why Tony Horton’s System Is My Absolute Favourite

Tony Horton’s P90X workout DVD showcases a range of exercises for all parts of your body to provide you with athletic fitness and muscle gain. The exercises are dynamic and engaging, and can be completed in the comfort of your own home. Tony’s home workout DVDs have become more and more popular because it is a convenient and affordable program. But more importantly, Tony Horton P90X exercise, also known as the ‘Power 90 Extreme,’ guarantees weight loss and a toned fit body in 90 days flat! In this article, I’ll be going through the reasons why the Tony Horton System is my absolute favourite of all home workout DVDs.

Weight Training and Self Esteem

Weight training can build a persons self esteem dramatically. Once you start seeing the results you will start to feel better about yourself. You will find yourself not just looking in the mirror but admiring what you see there.

Best Improve Your Vertical Programs

Improving your vertical is something that every athlete should consider. If you want to dramatically improve your leap then you need to find out what is the best program. Not only will this maximize your potential, but it will save you time because you will be avoiding products that have limited results or that simply do not work at all.

What Is a Good Six Pack Abs Diet?

With obesity on the rise for both adults and children in the US today, finding the perfect mix of foods for a six pack abs diet can be very tricky. What will provide sustained, safe weight loss, better health and energy, in a plan that can be done for a lifetime? Sane Eating advocates use of fresh seasonal food and home cooking as a way to combat the excess salt, fat and empty calories in most American Diets today.

Essential Back Thickening Tips

With all the emphasis on bigger chest, more ripped abs and bigger biceps, you begin to wonder about other important parts of the anatomy. Is everyone neglecting these? Has it become uncool to care about the size of your legs or the traps?

Essential Forearm Building Tips!

The forearms are one of those muscle groups that few people pay particular attention to. Trainees always assume that since a lot of bodybuilding exercises involve gripping heavy weights, the forearms get adequately exercised and therefore, there isn’t a need to target them specifically.

How to Build a Great Chest at Home Without Weights – For Men

Building a great looking buff chest is something that most guys want but not all guys can get because they may not have access to the gym or can afford to buy the weights (barbell and dumbbell sets) required to do chest workouts. Other reasons for not having access to gyms may be a busy schedule, having a job with a lot of travelling or living far from gym. Well I’m here to tell you that you do not need a gym to get a decent looking chest.

Why Lean Muscle Is Better Than Bulky Muscle

If you search around the internet and read through lots of fitness magazines, you will find out that the male fitness industry is full of all kinds of personalities who believe in different things, for example for some an aesthetic physique may be a Frank Zane or Surge Nubret type physique which is more of a classic overly muscular bodybuilder type physique whereas others favour the fitness model type of physique like Greg Plitt or David Kimmerle. Everyone has their own take on what is aesthetic and we all work out towards our own personal goals.

How To Build Solid Muscle

How is Muscle Built? Building muscle is basically an adaption process which happens in the body. During a weight training session, your micro fibers within the muscles are torn due to the excessive strain which is being placed on the muscle while you lift the weight.

Weight Training – Right Exercises, Right Schedule

Weight training, or resistance training, is arguably one of the most effective forms of exercise regardless of your fitness goals. Used in combination with sensible diet and aerobic exercise, proper weight training can help you build lean muscle, lose unwanted fat or both.

Top 3 Most Effective Exercises for a Flat Stomach (or 6-Pack Abs)

Most men list “a flat stomach” as one of their desires. Those of us who exercise and lift weights are probably in pursuit of this goal as well. Although it is true that nutrition plays the biggest role in determining the look of your abdominal section, but the exercises listed below could help you achieve your 6-pack faster.

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