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Branched Chain Amino Acids

The branched chain amino acids make up 40% of the daily requirement of amino acids. This article describes how they are different than other amino acids.

Hardcore Bodybuilding: Warning – Not Intended For Beginners – Part 5

This is not another ‘chumpy’ internet article about ‘how to build muscle’. Articles of that nature are a dime a dozen, written by an author who weighs in at a dripping wet 155#’s with a roll of quarters in each hand. If you are looking for no-holds-barred real life bodybuilding information, my articles are your golden ticket. This is not the information that you will find in the typical ‘pretty boy’ muscle building magazine article either.

How to Build Broad Shoulder Muscles For That Wide Look

Building broad shoulders will create that great wide upper body look. It will make your upper body look much bigger and in contrast make your waist appear more tight and small. This is an ideal look to go for, but many people have trouble figuring how to go about getting the results they want. This article will show you how to achieve that broad shoulder look.

How to Gain 5lbs of Muscle in a Week – 3 Methods for the Quickest Muscle Gains

Gaining large amounts of muscle in short periods of time is definitely possible. All you need is a solid plan and the motivation to carry it through consistently. There are many ways to pack on a lot of muscle in a matter of a week, in order to add 5lbs of muscle in a week you must use the most effective ways. This article will reveal 3 methods that will add at least 5lbs of muscle mass you your body in just one week.

How to Gain Large Amounts of Muscle in the Shortest Time

To gain large amounts of muscle mass in the shortest time possible there are a few things you must do. There are many factors to take into account when gaining muscle, top build the most amount of muscle in the quickest time you must use the best practices and methods available and discard anything that doesn’t work. This article will tell you the most effective ways of adding large amounts muscle quickly.

How Fast Can You Build Muscle In 30 Days?

Whether you want to be the biggest jock at the gym, you just want to impress the ladies, or you need a healthy dose of self esteem, putting on some muscle bulk is not rocket science. You can lose some fat and look more manly in just a few short weeks. When you are thinking how fast can you build muscle, think about these pointers.

Weightlifting And Testosterone Beyond 30

If you’ve done any research into getting back in shape or hung around the gym for long, you’ll already know that testosterone is a very powerful hormone our body produces, and that it’s one of the major factors in building big muscles. But for aging athletes or those trying to get back in shape after 30, you need to know more about testosterone…

The Best Foods to Eat for Bulking Up Your Muscles

When bulking up your muscles you must provide your body with the right foods, this will give it the tools to build the most amount of muscle mass possible. The problem is will all the different types of foods out there and all the claims of what is healthy and what is not. This article will tell you some of the best foods to eat when your are bulking up.

What Is the Best Workout to Do When Bulking Up?

When bulking up and trying to gain as much muscle mass as possible choosing the right workout routine is vital to get the best results. You want to take advantage of the increased calorie intake, this means you must choose a workout that will stimulate the most muscle growth and use all of the extra food to fuel that growth. No one wants to bulk up and just gain a load of fat. This article will reveal the best workout to perform when bulking up.

Guide To Rapid Muscle Growth For Skinny Guys

A well toned up body is awesome to behold. It also enhances your confidence thus improving your self-esteem. For you to achieve rapid muscle growth, you need have a well planned training schedule in advance.

Hardcore Bodybuilding: Warning Not For Beginners – Power Bodybuilding Part 4

If you have been following this series of Power Bodybuilding articles… you have probably figured out that these are not ‘pretty boy’, ‘go to the gym and pump yourself up to look pretty’ workouts. These workouts are about moving heavy weights in an exact protocol, with the ultimate goal of packing on solid muscle, and a lot of it. If you are happy with pumping yourself up in the gym 4, 5, or 6 days a week so you look ‘buff’, then don’t read this article. This article is for people who actually want to gain new muscle and strength.

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