HUGE BICEPS! Arnold’s Favorite Exercise For BIG GUNS!

Building Muscle – Developing Your Inner Pectorals

To build broad, defined pectorals get off the flat bench once and awhile and perform some exercises that target your inner pecs. Popular chest exercises like push-ups and chest presses develop the middle of your chest. Do not stop doing these exercises because they build the biggest part of your chest muscles; simply mix in one to two inner pec exercises per workout (…)

Building Muscle – The Importance of Creatine

Competitive bodybuilders across the globe know that creatine is a key substance used for muscle development. As an often misunderstood chemical and supplement, the average fitness fan might be deterred from trying it. So what does creatine actually do and should you consider taking it…

Building Muscle – How to Build Up Your Triceps

The triceps brachii, also called the horseshoe, is a large muscle on the back of your arm responsible for arm extension. Its functionality is important but pales in comparison to its visual appeal when you pump it up into the striated three-headed monster it can become. Well sculpted, symmetrical triceps add dynamic power and size to your arms. But how can you achieve them (…)

Building Muscle – How to Tone Up Your Arms Fast

Stand in front of the mirror and lift your arms straight out in front and then shake your hands. If you experienced a rippling wobble in your arms during that shake, it is time to tone those lunch ladies into the sleek, tight muscle they can become (…)

Rep Schemes for a Much Needed Change

Training with different rep schemes is a great way to gain muscle, beat a rut and an excellent change for your body. Here is a collection of a few rep schemes for you to try, master and add to your repertoire. Bennett

3 Techniques To Finally Get Bigger Calves: Grow That Stubborn Part

Let’s face it, we’re all unhappy with a certain body part that we’ve tried to train it, but growth just didn’t occur. For some guys its calves, but it could be anything. That body part that just lags- no matter how hard you try to blast it in the gym.

Bodybuilder Diet

As a bodybuilder, there are certain aspects of bodybuilder diet that you need to consider so as to achieve muscle mass fast. Contrary to what many people think, there is a difference between starving and dieting. Dieting involves following some simple, basic rules like taking small amounts of healthy food, regularly as opposed to infrequent, large amounts. The nutritional program that body builders stick to is customized to the round development of the whole body in a very healthy way. This helps increase your metabolism and burn tar excessive fat in your body.

Body Building Technique

You have to commit yourself to training with those weights. Learning to build muscle goes hand in hand with weightlifting three or four times each week. You’ll want to spark your muscular tissue with level of resistance which causes the needed response you require from your body. Once you lift the weight, afterward you return home and heal. You do this with nourishment and with rest. Every 72 hours try and train the upper body after which relax, then 72 hours later, work out your lower body.

How to Easily Bulk Up

You will need to be committed. It is a top priority. You have to commit yourself to training with those weights. Learning how to bulk up goes together with lifting weights three to four times a week. You have to spark your muscle with resistance which causes the needed response you need from your body. Once you lift the weight, then you go back home and heal. You need to do this with nourishment and with sleep. Every 72 hours you should attempt and train the upper body after which rest, then Seventy two hours after, exercise the lower body.

The Right Frame Of Mind To Gain Muscle – Part 4

When it comes to bodybuilding, there is an inner conflict that takes place in all of us. The primal way of thinking wants us to relax and stay out of harm’s way while the higher thinking self outlines the benefits for weight lifting that tie directly into survival and replication. So which way of thinking usually wins?

The Right Frame Of Mind To Gain Muscle – Part 3

It has been said that weight lifting goes against our primal way of thinking. As an instinctual way of thinking, this is completely true. However, thanks to the evolution of the human mind, motivation to work out hard at the gym can remain as a positive and not a hindrance on survival but rather a higher quality of sustained survival.

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