I Attempted To Eat My Girlfriend’s All In Diet (ft. Stephanie Buttermore)

Goblet Squat Benefits

The squat has always been the staple of power lifters, body builders and strength athletes the world over. The importance of the squat in a mass building routine has always been championed by weight lifters the world over, with people who tend to train their upper body and ignore their lower half often mocked and referred to as ‘gym bodies’. Thick, powerful Leg muscles are the perquisite to a successful body building career but also contribute to most of our striking power and although not as high profile as the abdominal wall, often look the most impressive…

Kettlebell Chest Fly’s

Using Kettlebells to perform chest fly’s may seem a tad bit odd but it is something that a lot of serious body builders are starting to do in order to encourage extra pectoral development. Body builders such as the great Dexter Jackson have always been advocates of fly’s to develop awesome Pecs, especially the upper region which most athletes find hard to build up. Most discussions involving the Chest fly revolve around whether a fixed machine or Dumbbells tend to be best with weight lifting aficionados always favouring the free weight version using Dumbbells.

Weight Lifting For Fat Loss

Here are a few exercises using weights to help you lose fat. They are a little different from the ordinary because they incorporate using “core” muscles as well as develop upper body strength.

Basics of Body Building and Weight Lifting

A short article about basic tips on weight training. I will present basic tricks and “shortcuts” on how to diet, lift, and stay on schedule in regards to body building.

Nutrition for Building Muscle Fast

How do you get lean muscle? By following some simple nutrition guidelines you can be on your way to gaining healthy muscle. Nutrition is just as important as your workout regimen in achieving muscle building results.

The Worst Training Mistake Skinny Guys Make

Find out what the worst mistake skinny guys make is and how to avoid it. Learn in 3 steps how you can make your workout work and let your muscle grow.

How Does Working Out Work?

Have you ever wondered how working out actually builds muscle? This article will explain in simple scientific terms what is actually happening to your muscles when you workout that makes them bigger and stronger without using overly excessive medical terminology.

How To Build Muscle Without Bulking Up

There is a very common workout practice amongst bodybuilders aimed at gaining muscle at a faster pace. The practice I am referring to is called bulking up. Bulking up basically means adding large amounts of extra calories into your diet.

5 Simple Ways to Easily Consume More Protein

Eating enough protein to build muscle can be difficult. Here I give you 5 simple ways to make protein consumption a lot easier.

Muscle Building Tricks

Building muscle comes down to the 2 things. The basics, and the things that you probably aren’t doing. There is a line that says “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.”

Get Better Results Using The Proper Exercise Technique

When it comes to exercise and weight lifting, form and technique are everything. It is a lot of hard work to exercise and you may be wasting your efforts when you do not lift right. Here are some tips using proper form that can give you better results and avoid unnecessary injury.

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