Is Workout Volume Actually Killing Your Gains? (Athlean-X Response)

5 Best Tips For Gaining Muscle Size For Skinny Guys

When gaining muscle mass it can be very hard if you are starting out with a skinny frame, a high metabolism and a small appetite. There are many methods and tricks out there that will help you gain muscle size, this article will focus on the top 5 tips for increasing your muscle mass size.

How Many Extra Calories a Day Should I Eat to Bulk Up?

To bulk up and gain muscle weight you must be eating a sufficient amount of calories per day so that your body and most importantly muscles have enough protein, nutrients and energy to grow optimally. As you are trying to gain muscle mass you will need to consume more calories than usual, but how many? This article will tell you how many extra calories to eat per day for the best muscle mass gains.

How Much Protein Do I Need in Order to Build Muscle When I’m Weight Training?

Protein is essential for building muscle mass. It is the only macro nutrient your body can use to build new muscle tissue. The question is how much protein do you need per day to gain the most amounts of muscle mass in the shortest time possible? This article will reveal the best amount of protein to consume each day.

Best Way To Build Muscle?

Learn the secrets of the best way to build muscle. The key factors in muscle growth are explained so you can start building muscle now!

How Long Should I Train Per Workout? The Best Workout Duration for Optimal Muscle Growth

The time you take to complete a workout can have a great effective on the muscle growth results you achieve. If you workout for too long you can actually be harming your muscle gains, both in the short term and long term. If the workout is too short you won’t have done enough overall work to stimulate all the muscle fibers in order to force them to adapt and grow. This article will show you the optimum amount of time to workout for the optimal muscle gains.

Morphotypes in Bodybuilding

We are not all equal in terms of muscle hypertrophy. The difference lies in the speed of our metabolism. The more it is fast, the more quickly the ingested calories are burned. Keep in mind that regardless of morphotype, everyone has a chance to make progress in bodybuilding by adapting his diet.

Build Bigger Arms – 6 Steps to Bigger, Stronger and Better Looking Arms

Every guy wants the biggest and strongest looking arms he can get. It is definitely possible to quickly and effectively increase the size of your arms in a short amount of time. All you need to know is the steps to achieve bigger more muscular arms. It can be very confusing with all the conflicting information out there. This article will reveal the 6 best steps to get bigger, stronger and better looking arms in no time at all.

How Many Times Per Week Should I Be Eating Chicken to Bulk Up?

Chicken is a staple in bulking up and adding muscle mass to your frame. But how many times a week should you be eating it for the optimum muscle gains? Chicken is a great source of protein and mainly protein. This article will explain how many times a week you should be eating chicken for the best muscle gains.

How to Do Supersets to Build Muscle – For More Intense Workouts

Supersets are a great way to increase the amount of work your muscles are doing in a shorter period of time, therefore greatly increasing the intensity. Many people are confused about how to go about performing supersets in their workouts, this article will explain how to use supersets effectively for great muscle mass gains.

Basic Full Body 3-Day Muscle Building Workout Plan

The best way to gain significant amounts of muscle mass is through the use of an effective muscle building workout plan. Training your muscles is what stimulates muscle growth, without proper training set in place there will be little muscle growth as your muscles will have no reason to grow.

How to Build Peaking Traps

Are you struggling with building the perfect traps that you have always wanted? Do you want that muscular looking neck that you see athletes with?

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