PUSH WORKOUT For SERIOUS GROWTH! (Chest, Shoulders, Triceps)

How to Build Bigger Biceps – 4 Easy Exercises to Bulk up Your Biceps

If you already have ripped body and small body fat percentage, it’s time to train your smaller muscle groups. Here’s how to build bigger biceps and get yourself a ripped arm.

Sleep – The Forgotten Recovery Aid

Sleep is crucial to weight training. If you don’t get enough sleep you could be stunting your progress and all the supplements in the world will not help you get back on track until you pay off what is called sleep debt.

How to Gain Weight for Men – Proven and Tested Weight Gaining Tips for Men

If you want to gain weight and build muscles, here are the proven and tested weight gaining tips to address your question of how to gain weight for men. Remember, add muscle, not fat.

Growing Tall With Proper Exercise

Consistency as well as frequency tends to be the key in getting numerous advantages that physical exercise offers. Exercise is commonly used as a tool to improve health, boost strength, endurance as well as an improved physical look. However, there are certain kinds of exercise that can be used to encourage growth when made on a habitual and constant basis and including also a well-rounded diet and healthy lifestyle.

Super-Size Me: The Search for the Secret of Supercompensation

If you want to get stronger, your body must undergo the process of supercompensation. This is the process of adaptation in which the muscles of your body are first broken down through exercise before they are built up to be stronger than ever.

Building Quality Muscle – A Hardgainers Perspective

Take it from someone who’s learned the hard way… less is usually MORE when it comes to building muscle. For the last four years of my life, I’ve spent hour after hour, day after day, and month after month in the gym. I’ve spent hours of my life sitting in front of a computer researching new routines, new diets, new supplements. I was willing to do whatever it took to put on solid muscle. This article is meant to shed a little light into the subject, it’s mostly going to be geared towards novice lifters, but I’m sure people of all levels can take something away.

Start Up Guide – Ways To Start Building Muscle The Proper Way

When you are trying to start muscle building it can be more of a challenge than what you imagined. The reason you will see this as a challenge is that by just working out is commonly not enough to start to get the muscle mass you want to have. This is when you should know that you may have to use the proper diet to help out, a personal trainer, and even various muscle supplements to help you get the muscle mass you want.

How to Build Muscle Fast 101: Progressive Overload Training

Most of us are pretty keen to look for new ways that can help speed-up the muscle building process. But since we get so caught up easily in trying those “latest” methods, we tend to neglect implementing the more basic and fundamental strategies that are far more effective as compared to those fads. One key technique that is often overlooked is progressive overload training. Sounds archaic? Well, this approach has already proven and tested to produce the kind of results that you need. So if you want to know how to build muscle fast then incorporating this type of system to your program can surely jumpstart your training on the right track.

3 Keys To Build Your Lean, Fit And Sexy Body!

In order to build your lean, fit and sexy body requires the person to come full circle with a constructive plan related to his complete lifestyle. The plan should clearly lay out which exercises would be done on which days, what kind of diet would be consumed and so on. The advantages of building muscles fast include reduction of excess fat in the body, increase in bone density over time and good sound sleep.

Master The Power Move – Time To Fix Your Squat Technique

The squat is one of the main BIG Power Exercises that targets and works some of the biggest muscles in the body, but if done incorrectly, can cause more harm than good..! So, get it right, and you’ll be firing the muscles off on all cylinders, power will be developed and calories will be stoked in the furnace to aid fat loss..!

Do Supplements Help to Gain Muscle?

Greek athletes were some of the first to comprehend the importance of dietary supplements and the crucial role they play in muscular growth. Back then, they consumed abundant quantity of protein rich, meat and wine. Since then strongmen and athletes have used different herbal concoctions and toxics to gain high stamina and physical strength.

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