Soreness DOES Equal Muscle Growth (Fight Me!)

CrossFit – Spreading Fitness Worldwide

Garage fitness program is growing rapidly. The major CrossFit competition is now on ESPN.

How Can Fellas Build Massive Arm Muscles?

Big biceps are without doubt necessary for a male who wants to look strong and attractive. In fact, majority of males want good looking and big biceps to increase their overall attraction. Nobody wants to have weak and fragile arms!

What Is The Most Useful Way To Gain Weight For Tiny Men?

“What is the best way to gain weight?” You might ask. There are a lot of drinks and supplements that can aid weight gain, but people look for the best ones.This is mainly due to lack of knowledge and guidance.

Burn Fat Build Muscle – The Safest and Easiest Way To Do It

Fat has to be burned first in order for your muscles to show. The best way to burn fat, build muscle is be having the best diet and exercise setup. The diet is actually more important that the exercise, but they are both needed nonetheless.

Building Muscle Fast – 7 Tips on How To Do It The Safe and Easy Way

Lets face it; we all want to build muscle as fast and as healthy ad possible. Now that being said, building muscle fast does NOT mean going into the gym and hauling weights like you’re the hulk. Neither does it mean spending 3 hours a day in the gym like it’s your freaking job.

Building Lean Muscle – The Right Way To Do It

In order to build lean muscle, you need to do three things very well: 1. You need to eat right and get enough carbs and protein in your diet 2. You need to do some kind of cardio training…

Mass Building Workout – How To Grow and Put On Muscle

This article talks about the fundamentals when it comes to growing and putting on muscle in the off-season. Aspects such as training, rest and diet are discussed to help athletes gain a holistic perspective on building muscle mass.

Tips To Have A Defined Body

With no magic formula you can have a defined abdomen, love handles and stop those that bother you so much just follow the tips to the letter to get a six pack belly suggested by the physical education teacher Samara Queiroz, you’ll have a perfect belly. So get ready to learn the secrets to an enviable abdomen!

Foods To Increase Muscle Mass

“Seventy percent of muscle mass results from food and rest, while the other 30% come from strength exercises.” All sportsmen know, or at least should know that a poor diet can lead to a loss of muscle mass. The University of Connecticut, USA, presented a list of eight foods that will help us to maintain a balance diet / workout.

Programs to Gain Muscle Mass

You know that to gain muscle mass does not happen by chance? It is always the result of careful planning in the right direction. If you do not have a program to achieve your goals of weight gain through muscle growth, is explained why go looking for a plan to gain weight.

Triple Threat Training: Three Routines to Get Big and Strong!

If there’s one constant in strength training, it’s variety. Those who vary their programs will often make consistent progress. What’s common in most programs, however, is a lack of variety! Most trainees do the same thing over and over, not only between routines but also within them. They perform the same exercises and set/rep schemes; rest for the same length of time; train the same body part(s) on the same day; use the same loads; train on the same equipment; use the same workout gear, etc. They’re basically doing the same program for an extended period of time. Such redundancy will eventually lead to stagnation…

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