Why Your Delts Aren’t Growing (ONE FIX!)

How Forearm Exercises Affect The Rest Of Your Workout

Learn why you need forearm exercises to progress the rest of your workout routine. If you have ever been working out and felt your forearms burn so much you had to let go of the weight, then this is for you.

Modern Muscle Moulding: Taking Circuit Training to a New Level!

I love going through books written by iron-game pioneers. For every book I read from this millennium, I read at least one or two from the previous millennium and many are decades old. I’m telling you, there’s nothing better than to discover where many of today’s training concepts originated, and there is nothing new under the sun.

Pop ‘Em Out Muscles: Target the Brachialis, Pec Minor and Soleus for Additional Growth!

Don’t you just hate those stubborn body parts that never seem to grow? This “stubbornness” is usually caused by underlying issues, or more accurately, underlying muscles. You may not have considered it, but you can improve a body part by training deep muscles that you really can’t see. And no, I’m not crazy! I call these the “pop ’em out muscles” since they aid in “popping out” the muscles we bomb everyday in the gym and make them look larger and more developed. I only wish it was as simple as watching Angelina Jolie run in the movie Tomb Raider (and by the way, this is one of the only benefits of cardio as far as I’m concerned), but unfortunately it’s not that easy! The pop ’em out muscles that I’m referring to are the brachialis, pec minor and soleus, and if trained correctly, they’ll pop out your arms, your chest, and your calves.

Getting The Muscles You Want

If you want to build your muscles, you already know that you have to do some strength training and lift a lot of weights. But you have to do much more if you want to get as ripped as the people you see in the magazines. Here are some effective ways to gain muscle that you can do along with your lifting.

A True Diet For Skinny Guys Looking To Gain Weight

A diet for skinny guys has often been overlooked by the mass community. Many people around the world grapple with the problem of losing weight and to this end, there are very many diets and medical solutions that have been developed. However, there is also a second group of people who appear to be naturally skinny and who are faced with a whole new problem; the problem of gaining weight!

Finding Overall Fitness Through Cross Training

As we know, the best way towards overall health and fitness is through a wide range of balanced exercises that address the different areas of the body. Nowhere is this more evident than in cross training.

Gain Muscles Fast With These Exercises

Let’s face it, we all live busy lives so when it comes to working out we need to be efficient and use our time wisely. This article reveals the top 4 exercises that you absolutely must have in your workout routine to gain the maximum amount of muscle in the least amount of time. Add these in and be prepared to get results.

Tips on Diet and Exercise For Men

Diet and exercise for men are the two things you need to pay attention to for a healthy and fit body. The body needs to be conditioned with the right type of exercising, along with being filled with the right nutrition. In this article I will give you some tops to eating right and exercising in the correct way. Diet and exercise for men is extremely important, and if you would like to start looking better, these tips are going to help you out in the long run.

4 Common Myths About Your Abs

Virtually everyone who starts going to the gym wants a perfect set of defined abs; however, what they don’t realize is that getting a nice six pack is harder than it seems. Many people associate having great abs with fitness obsessed individuals who spend more time in the gym than they do on anything else. That’s simply not true because everyone has a set of abs underneath all that fat covering them. To help you along your journey, I have complied 4 common myths that you can do away with in order to be better focused on building stronger and better abs.

Get Ripped Muscles, Increase Metabolism And Burn Fat

Are you sick and tired of standing in front of the mirror looking at your marshmallow belly and wimpy chest? Do you want to get ripped muscles fast? You can do it – if you have the data on how to increase your metabolism, burn off fat and build big muscles. It’s not as hard as you think.

The Top Weight Training Equipment for Your Home Gym

If you are looking for the top weight training equipment to build up your home gym (as well as your body), this is the article for you. In it I will share with you those must have exercise equipment for increasing lean muscle mass and decreasing fat stores.

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